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Thoughts from Jail – Day 1



Day #1 – There will always be critics, and it’s a good thing!

jail day 1

I am spending the duration of Piccolo Spoleto at the Old City Jail hosting ‘Tension’: A photography exhibit.

It has a lot of history and character. While climbing a metal staircase, I found one step that yells it opinion every time I put my foot on it. I can’t avoid it, so I expect it to ‘speak’ as I step on it. The rest of the stairs stay silent and strong. They let me now the structure is sound and safe.  The cranky and loud parts of the structure are just as important. They are warning signs of an aging building.

Like most of us, I often avoid the critics, the unwelcome opinion givers, the instigators and opportunists. In Photography and Art, they can be tough on the creative process and mental sanity. If I avoid them for too long, I might get a false sense of security. I need them to show me where the creative process can improve and grow.



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