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The Center Visits the Charleston Tent Community

tent communityThe Center Visits the Charleston Tent Community

Last year the Charleston Center For Photography and a team consisting of pro photographers and other volunteers donated time to the North Charleston Dream Center for Help Portrait, an international initiative. There we were able to give free photography to families in need near and around the Dream Center. This year we chose to donate to the Tent Community, a recently established community of people living in tents in grassed areas under Charleston overpasses.

The Tent Community is in downtown Charleston with 75 people who live there, and the numbers continue to grow. While we were there, one man was just moving in. Volunteers collect food, toiletries, charcoal for heat, and other items for the community. You may assume that most or all of these people are unemployed. Many of them are actually employed, however because the cost of living in the downtown area is so high, they are forced to take extreme measures. Several have had other housing offered to them, but because they are in locations like West Ashley and Summerville, they are still unable to make it work without transportation to and from work. Until recently they had no bathroom facilities. They just received one port-a-potty.

We had several local professional photographers come out to help photograph the people of the tent community. Thanks to them, many will receive free prints of themselves and their neighbors. It was an honor and a privilege to meet and serve them. We look forward to the opportunity to go back and visit in the near future.

To find out more about the community, you can request to join the closed Facebook Group “Tent City of Charleston Initiative”.

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