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Managing your photographic legacy.

Managing your photographic legacy.20160203_135105

A few years ago I was given the weighted responsibility of managing and curating the photography of a friend and colleague who passed away too soon.
I was handed over 500 cds to process through and it has been a monster of a task.  They were labelled fairly well but there was no master collection. I could not find one labeled  ‘Best of the Best’ or something like that.
This mountain of images will take some time to see the light of day.
Since none of us are leaving here alive, it becomes our responsibility to manage our artistic collection so it doesn’t sit in someone’s closet for years.
Here is some of what I have learned.
1-Start a master collection of your work and make it easy to find.
 Start a collection of images that you want to live on. Have a CD, a folder in the computer, hard drive,  thumb drive,  printed portfolio,  collection of negatives, or something of that sort that tells everyone, “This is my Master Collection”.  Mark it clear, make it east to find, easy to share, print etc. An online gallery of images may also be a good idea.
2-Pick a person(or two) to manage your work in the future.
This task can be easy if you ask two people to manage this as a team. I would want an artist and a tech savvy person to work together on this. It helps if one of those is a family member.
3-Get started now!
Create that folder right now. Put at least two images in it. Put in at least two more every week.


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